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❝The world sees what you do,God sees why you do it❞

I'm not a bitch just have a low bullshit tolerance.
Old enough to know too young to give a fuck.
I may treat you nicely but familiarity breeds contempt,watch your words.
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Friday, 12 October 2012 @ 11:15:00 pm

straight through my heart
Thursday, 6 September 2012 @ 12:36:00 am

 "I'm learning how to be okay without you. & I can't wait for the day I look at you & feel absolutely nothing. "

 Hello world, I've been busy!!! HOLIDAYS ARE NO LONGER FUCKING HOLIDAYS SO AS LONG YOU'RE AN UPPER SEC STUDENT. Since mon I've been waking up near 8am or even earlier & I'm so lack of sleep all over again with schedules filled to the brim & even with free time, that "free time" doesn't belong to me...... fml. BUT, will be heading for malacca tomorrow!!! yay I'm egg-cited, it's a time-out for me from everything with yummy food & also my main reason for rushing this post out at this timing cause i wouldn't be blogging till i-don't-know-when.


1. My plan for this blog is to change it totally! which means the layouts, photos & probably would not be typing so many things out anymore sometimes maybe my feelings. hahah shall get this done after my eoy!!!!! 

2. Dinnzzz with mum & dad at town on sat @genki sushi!! wanna go back to eat after eoys the food's too good. :3



3. Homecooked dinz on sunday!

4. Put on my braces on mon! Wasn't that pain after all, plucking teeth was so much more painful. pictures next time haha. 

5. Pastamania with mum & bruther on tues night!

6. ending with me. LOL okay GOODNIGHT IT'S 12:33AM. I pray I'm will not be late for class at 8am later, shall just take dad's car. TOODLES. X

Saturday, 25 August 2012 @ 11:21:00 pm

 I used to stand so tall, I used to be so strong.

 Hello world, shall type in points LOL.

1. I'm so lazy to blog, urgh. been such a couch potato lazing around at home with all the time I have. really can't go on like that!!! So anyway, extracted my final two teeths ytd!! YAY. I will never ever have to pluck my teeth ever in my whole life not even my wisdom tooth!!! I'm glad it doesn't fucking hurt as the last time round in which i took painkillers almost every 6 hours to kill the pain & woke up in the middle of the night cause it's too pain. this time round, it's totally painless!!! thank god, yay.

2. Church on monday. I'm glad I went somehow for the ordination mass cause i was thinking to myself "there's alr 60 people singing for the choir what's the prob without me..?!" kind of shit. But i figured I gotta be more holy before my confirmation this year end & come face to face with the archbishop.

3. This week's been such a roller coaster week with my moodswings. I really pity people around me. Sometimes, I'm all smiles the next moment I'm having the "fuck off annoying fucker" face.. & sometimes, I'm really so crazy a desperate teacher once told me if she really could, she would want to put a video recorder in front of me & record every shit I did so I could see what I really was doing... "

4.  I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN GIRLS COMPLAIN HOW FAT THEY ARE ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS. I can't understand the logic of how looking like a bamboo stick makes you fucking pretty, lol. If I had a choice i wouldn't wanna be underweight. I MEAN IF A GUY REALLY LIKES YOU, HE'LL EVEN THINK THE SUN SHINES OUT OF YOUR ASS, NO? #random.

5. My thoughts.


Saturday, 18 August 2012 @ 11:12:00 pm

"I have been bending over backwards to protect your feelings & you know what? It's not my fault you're so insecure."


Hello world. shall wrap my week up in pictures, so win.

1. What came in the mailbox!! :D

2. Dinner last sat at peng's restaraunt. Saturday dinners are the best. 


3. Momsie cooked 6 crabs.

4. my usual nonsense. 


4. random photos on the way back from church.